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The term technician covers many different specialisations. School laboratory technician. In the UK, a shortage of skilled technicians in the science, engineering and technology sectors 3 4 has led to various campaigns to encourage more people to become technicians and to promote the role of technician. technician English Dictionary.
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Technician Definition of Technician by Merriam-Webster.
See the full definition for technician in the English Language Learners Dictionary. technician tek-ni-shn Kids Definition of technician.: a person skilled in the details or techniques of a subject, art, or job A dental technician helps the dentist. technician tek-nish-n Medical Definition of technician.:
technician Wiktionary.
From technic ian. enPR: tk-nsh'n' IPA key: /teknn/. Audio Southern England. technician plural technicians. A person who studies or practises technology. Synonyms: techie, technologist Hyponyms: engineer, mechanic Antonym: Luddite. Related terms edit. Albanian: teknik sq m. Arabic: m tiqniyy, m fanniyy.

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